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What is cPanel Web Hosting?

Onlive Server provides fantastic cPanel Web Hosting. It is an internet web hosting management panel designed for use with the aid of net builders and end-users for internet site administration. cPanel web hosting is a shared web hosting provider that stores more than one website on a single server. Each internet site shares the server’s assets (disk space, statistics transfer, CPU, memory, etc.). Users have access to web hosting accounts chiefly through a manipulate panel (cPanel). The net web hosting carrier issuer is accountable for the general administration and protection of the server. It includes server hosting like VPS Server and Dedicated Server. Our company provides 30+ VPS Server based countries and also dedicated servers. Dedicated Server includes managed dedicated server, best-dedicated server, cheap dedicated server, and country-based server.

Some of the extremely good points that cPanel consists of are:

Email: In cPanel you can create new electronic mail accounts, view/modify your current accounts, alter your MX records, exchange e-mail passwords, set up mailbox quotas, and a lot more.

Domains: Under the part of the domain of cPanel, you can configure new domains to your account, set up parked domains, create subdomains, set up redirects, and a horrible lot more.

File Management: Use the file management module in cPanel to save backups of your archives, manage FTP accounts for different sites you’re hosting, and review your disk usage. The file management area of cPanel is safe and secure.

Databases: Here you can create new databases, set up devious access to MySQL, access the databases the usage of phpMyAdmin, and a whole lot more.

Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

When it comes to managing your website, cPanel internet web hosting contributes to being a whole bundle as it gives security, management as nicely as freedom. Apart from the salient points offered, cPanel internet web hosting additionally provides long-term benefits. Let’s test them as below:

1. Complete Control on Applications

You get whole manage over the software program and hardware purposes with cPanel internet hosting. It lets you shut down your server from a remote area and reboot your working device if required. Additionally, you can pick out any Linux-based web hosting plans, ranging from shared, VPS, reseller, or the best-dedicated server. If you choose VPS hosting, alongside with cPanel you get Web Host Manager (WHM) whilst if you choose reseller hosting, you get WHMCS with the cPanel.

2. Pre-Installed cPanel Web Hositng

In the cPanel web hosting plan, you choose pre-installed cPanel with the same. This saves your time spent in putting in any different manage panel. Also, it helps in monitoring the overall performance of your website. In case you layout to replace your internet, hosting graph and improve the resources, you can additionally maintain music of the range of assets used in phrases of disk house or speed, etc. This permits customers to screen their aid utilization for a unique server.

3. Backup and Scalability

When cPanel is covered in your web hosting plan, your information stays safe. One of the great advantages is that you can take the backup at any time considering cPanel is built-in with backup features.

4. Cost-Effective as Compared to Windows

cPanel license isn’t that expensive as it is for the different platforms. This is one of the motives for humans to select cPanel instead of different manage panels. cPanel internet web hosting is a web hosting that consists of the right purposes that are mixed collectively to provide strong administration of your website. All the aspects introduced in cPanel net web hosting are protected through maintaining in thought the unique wants of unique web professionals.

Is shared cPanel web hosting appropriate for commercial enterprise sites?

That relies upon the kind of website your enterprise runs. cPanel web hosting is the ideal answer for small to medium-size companies with informational websites that require quick, dependable hosting. A shared web hosting provider provides the reliability these websites want and in contrast to different types of hosting, presents the most affordable solution.

Businesses that run ‘mission-critical sites’, such as eCommerce stores, would advantage from extra effective types of web hosting which provide extra assets and even greater performance. These consist of VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.  It also includes the best-dedicated server and the managed dedicated servers. We ensure that you will get the best speed while visiting your site that’s why we are offering you the best security, privacy, and accuracy which is highly developed by Onlive Server.

VPS Server – VPS Server Hosting gives a good chance to progress your business in a short time By Onlive Server. It provides many modules and multiple varieties of Hosting plans with multiple operating systems. It is updated with a single click. Our VPS hosting offers integrated cPanel and complete root access.

Dedicated Server – Dedicated hosting is a flexible, scalable, and economical hosting solution. It can fit the needs of almost any kind of website. It’s a perfect solution for those who have outgrown their shared hosting plan. It wants to take its business to the next level.


The control panel of cPanel is a very powerful tool. You can use it to manage your website and even other servers. The best part about using the cPanel is that you can do all this from a single place. It saves a lot of time and effort as well as money too.

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