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Complete Procedure of Book Domain Name Registration Online

Bring Your Busines Online, Book Domain Name Registration Online

When we need any information or have to buy any product or service, we search for that on the internet and buy it or see it from the website that looks most trustworthy by its name. There are 1000 websites for the same thing. To collect more audience on your website, you have to choose a unique and niche-oriented domain name. Onlive Server provides premium domain names online for your business, blog, and feedback-taking websites at a meager cost. So do not delay booking your domain. Visit Onlive Server today to get a unique domain with many options for domain extensions at different prices. Follow this post to know about the complete procedure of book domain name registration online from Onlive Server.

Domain Name and Types

The words that can be searched in search engines to find your website are known as domain names. A user has to type the address in their browser’s search box from a mobile, PC, or tablet joined to the internet to reach your website.

Few types of domain names exist in this world of networks. They are:

  • Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)
  • Sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD)

Widely accepted domains like .com, .net. org, site, club, .biz are known as Top Level Domains as they are mainly used domains and can be reached through any part of the world. On the other hand, the domains that are only accessed in a particular country worked through Country Code Top Level Book Domain Name Registration Online. Some examples for this are .us for the United States of America, .au for Australia, .de for Denmark, etc. These domains target particular people of the same language and country.

Sponsored Top Level Domains is the choice of the domain to promote a particular service or the same kind of product. It includes domain extensions like. media, tech, Edu, bar, etc. Onlive Server delivers varieties of domain names. Besides Country Specific Domains, they provide niche specific domains also at a reasonable price. They also keep records of your activity, maintain the renewal policies, and help transfer data from one domain to another. Specialized persons do all these paid services.

Domain Names Working Process

You write and search a domain name in your URL box. Then it will send a request to grant permission from the global network of servers. These servers thus formed Domain Name Server (DNS). DNS then tries to search the servers linked with that domain name and seek permission to access that particular website.

These servers are computer-controlled automatic web pages linked with the domain name. It allows the user to show the particular thing associated with the domain. Thus, the transfer of data started. At last, it sends back all the data to the server.

Complete Procedure of Book Domain Name Registration

HTML pages, website maker software, images, data, and other things are needed to make a website. The domain name and web hosting are both required to create a website for you. The terms and conditions; for registering a domain on the internet for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). They give authorization to Domain Name Registrars to sell the domains to the customers on their behalf.

Onlive Server is the World’s one of the most reputed Domain Providing Online Sites. There are lots of domain extensions you can buy from our site according to your needs. We provide premium-level servers, country-specific servers, and your business-specific server also.

Follow the below steps that include the complete procedure of book domain name registration:

  • Go to
  • On the landing page, you get two options at the right top portion. Click register if you are new to our website and click log in if you are an old user.
  • New users complete the website registration procedure through your email.
  • Now you can see a search box. You can type your business name or relevant keyword on that box to find the available domain. You will get a variety of domain extensions on our website.
  • Choose the perfect one that suits you according to your append limit. We recommend you select the popular ones.
  • Click the option add to cart for the particular domain extension.
  • Go to cart and checkout.
  • You get lots of options for online payments.
  • Once purchased, you can use the domain for your website. But it is for only 1 year
  • Please renew after one year to continue the service

Our technical support team is there to help you in the Book Domain Name Registration process. We provide 24*7 customer service to help you to choose the right domain. To improve your business network through the internet, you need a unique domain at first. Lots of businesses already register for their domain. Why are you waiting? Book a domain now from Onlive Server to bring your business in front of everyone.

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