Easy Ways To Make Cheap Dedicated Server Faster By Onlive Server

A guide to the Cheap dedicated server

Onlive Server is one of the frontline hosting companies that offer the cheapest and most reliable cheap dedicated server services.

The Cheap dedicated server: What does it mean?

A Cheap dedicated server is a dedicated server whose operating system is powered by a Dedicated server. A dedicated server is a free and open-source operating system. As an operating system that is freely available, anybody can edit its source code. It is also known for its transparent application design.

Due to these benefits, cheap dedicated servers are perfect for businesses that are looking for control-oriented and reliable hosting systems. Most web host providers will usually provide their dedicated server hosting services in the form of both unmanaged and managed dedicated hosting services. This dual option gives businesses the needed level of performance for them to be able to cater to their growing server needs. Dedicated hosting service providers usually support multiple databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL. This gives businesses the ability to choose whatever database that they prefer.

A dedicated server kind of remote server that dedicate entire to a business. If the user of the server chooses a shared hosting plan, they are able to share the server with several other customers. However, in the case of a dedicated server, the customer takes over the entire server as well as the server’s resources.

Cheap dedicated servers for businesses

The dedicated server for businesses different types of Cheap dedicated server Operating systems. This server has to handle a lot more storage and massive operational demands of bigger companies and their applications. Dedicated servers comes highly relevant for all types of businesses. They use recommended for small/medium businesses due to their wide application. These types of servers are very popular due to their flexibility, security.

Cheap dedicated servers: Produced for performance and control.

Cheap dedicated servers have products to provide only performance for businesses and organizations.

Dedicated server clients usually experience a performance surge that increases by over 30% compared to other options. Many Dedicated servers are highly compatible with a variety of scripting languages, such as PHP, C++, Perl, and C. With these possibilities, business owners usually have the freedom to operate and manage their businesses from a remote location through an ordinary internet connection from their PCs or laptops.

Hosting with Cheap Dedicated servers: What you get

Due to the benefits that are provided by the Cheap Dedicated servers, many web hosting providers usually offer such services for businesses and organizations. The providers will usually provide reliable and robust dedicated server services to help businesses streamline their operations. These server solutions offer in both the shared and the private environment. The Dedicated servers are up to the task when it comes to the provision of a reliable uplink and high bandwidth with the right level of transfer speed for most web apps.

Top reliability and redundancy

With dedicated servers, businesses have the ability to easily grow their businesses with a guaranteed longer period of network uptime. This means that their entire network systems will be live for over 99.95% out of the entire life period. This benefits the fact that many dedicated server providers will offer proactive 24/7 monitoring services for all dedicated server client operations. They will also support a 365 all-year-long support to ensure that users of the server systems have a trouble-free experience.


Users who subscribe to the dedicated servers will see their businesses grow exponentially. This is because providers of dedicated server services house their server infrastructure in their ultra-secure and high-tech data facilities. These providers usually have a multi-layered network and physical security. This uses to ensure that the business data use for the main business operations protect and safe.

Continuous support

Providers of its services usually understand the fragility of their services as well as the network infrastructure. This is why they have made all the necessary arrangements to provide continuous support.


Dedicated servers know for providing cost-effectiveness to businesses. This means that due to their ability to scale to the sies of various businesses. Dedicated servers provide the right value for the businesses in a way that use to justify the initial investment on the server. The Dedicated servers usually offer enough value to pay back for the money expended to invest in the system.


Compared to other dedicated server systems, the dedicated servers know for the control that they offer their users. This control is possible because the server is an open-source network system. This means that users can easily access the backend of the infrastructure to customize and edit the codes according to their preferences. This first of the many reasons that Dedicated servers choose over other options.

One server: Multiple websites

For businesses looking for the right dedicated servers to host multiple websites, they can easily choose the managed dedicated servers for this purpose. The no limit to the number of websites that can host on a single dedicated server. This means that a dedicated server has the ability to host multiple websites until it finally runs out of space. Provided that there are sufficient resources possible to handle such an operation, the dedicated OS has the ability to support myriads of websites to their full capacities.


To get a reliable and cheap dedicated server with all the attached benefits, you can get that with an Onlive server.

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