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A Guide to Best Cloud VPS Hosting

It is quite likely that you have heard about the best cloud VPS hosting solutions if you are into web hosting. Cloud VPS or Cloud virtual private servers. This is a phrase made with the amalgamation of two separate terms- Cloud and VPS. It is important to understand both these terms separately in order to get a clear idea of Cloud VPS Hosting.

What is Cloud Computing?

  • The Cloud usually refers to Cloud Computing. NO, it has nothing to do with the rains and the Cloud outside. By definition, cloud computing is the process of using. A complete network of different remote servers that can be accessed through the internet.
  • Cloud servers can be used for storing. Managing and processing data instead of using. A personal computer or local server. Cloud computing offers users the flexibility of accessing their machines anytime and from any place as long as they have an internet connection.

What is VPS or Virtual Private Server?

  • In the very first place, VPS or virtual private server is a dedicated and private hosting environment. The VPS is hosted on a main or parent server or a network of servers with the use of virtualisation technology.
  • By the use of a virtual machine manager like firmware, hardware or computer software that makes and runs different virtual machines, it is possible to operate virtual machines on a parent or host server known as the child instance or guest instance.
  • To be explained in a shorter way, the virtual private server is quite similar to a dedicated physical server existing in the form of software that runs on a parent or host server.

Wondering whether your business requires a cloud VPS or not? To get the right answer to this question, you will have to understand the benefits or the things that you can do with the best Cloud VPS hosting solution. And of course, you must also get the services of the best Cloud VPS provider.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Understanding Cloud VPS

Best cloud VPS hosting is basically cloud computing based on a Kernel-based virtual machine from Linux. This machine is commonly known as KVM. There are several benefits that come with the use of the KVM technology-enabled cloud VPS.

  • The KVM offers virtualised and scalable resources as a service that is generally bought for a payment. However, the users need to pay only for what they use. This is something completely different from the standard website hosting environment, where users need to pay for a specific limit that they cannot get beyond. In the KVM cloud VPS setting, users need to pay only for those resources that they actually use, and these can benefit them in the long run.
  • The users avail dynamic provisioning in a virtual, scalable environment. All the different resources required for the majority of the assignments can easily be availed within minutes.
  • The best Cloud VPS hostingsolution offers near-instant access on a brand new server. And the best thing about this hosting solution is that users get access to the new server without the need of migrating their data or modifying their server settings.

Is Cloud VPS Scalable?

One of the most significant advantages offered by the best Cloud VPS providers is that the Cloud VPS servers on offer can be scaled up or down very easily with changes in the hosting requirements of the users. The whole procedure works in the following way:

  • You might find that your site requires more resources to service the visitors in a more effective manner. Or it might also be that your business is fast scaling down, and you do not require all the resources available to you.
  • In both the above scenarios, when you are working on a Cloud VPSserver, it gets very easy for you to scale the configuration anytime and at any pace. Since the host node that controls the virtual server has the ability to allocate resources as required in just a few clicks, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about being short on power or running out of it completely.

Managing Cloud VPS

It is quite easy and convenient to access and configure Cloud VPS simply because the users get FTP and SSH access along with full root-level access as well. In addition to this, the Windows cloud servers will also come with RDP and Admin access.

This means that the users get the flexibility of adding almost any third-party libraries, modules, or applications that need root access without going through any kind of hassle. There are various other important elements that the users can opt for, and these include:

  • Control Panel: Based on the management level you are going for, you get the option of choosing a server control panel. This will give you the flexibility of managing your server in the most efficient and easiest way possible. Since there’s a control panel; available, it will get easier for you to manage email, sites, users, databases, DNS and many more things. The best Cloud VPS provideroffers different control panel licenses that the users can easily add to their Cloud VPS.
  • Dashboard: The best cloud VPS providerwill also offer an internal dashboard that makes way for even more information and control on the server. The users can easily see their current configurations there, along with the usage for bandwidth, memory and bandwidth.


If you are reaching your limits, it will not be a problem as the server will not stop, but you always have the option of upgrading your plan anytime. You can go for the cheapest Cloud VPS Hosting solutions available in the market. But always consult the experts before verging on this path.

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